Grading of your property should be the first step prior to any landscape items being installed. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how your property will be graded to direct storm runoff away from property. We have been on countless Drainage remediation projects, consultations & Landscape renovations. The story is usually the Home Builder blaming the Landscape or Pool contractor & the Landscape or Pool contractor blaming the Home Builder for the Drainage problems.

Unfortunately, many times the homeowner is left footing the bill of often several thousand dollars because the Builder or Unlicensed Landscaper or Pool builder have gone out of business & are nowhere to be found or the warranty has expired.

The truth is that it is usually a combination of all of the contractors involved that contribute to drainage problems.

You as the homeowner should be vigilant in making sure that during every step of the building process that all contractors are paying attention to Grading, Drainage & Erosion control.

It is important to keep water away from your homes foundation. There should be no standing water next to your homes foundation after Rain storms or from irrigation systems.

Signs of water intrusion or damage

  • Cracking in the Plaster of your Walls
  • Cracking, Sinking or Sagging Concrete Walks or Driveway
  • Cracking Floor Tiles
  • Doors or Windows won’t close properly
  • Water damage to the Baseboards or Plaster
  • Mold growing on Baseboards or Plaster
  • Crack on the inside slab under the carpet
  • Exterior privacy/perimeter walls cracking or falling apart
  • Slopping floors
  • Water in under slab HAVC Return lines

*If you see any of these signs you should start by identifying the source of the moisture or water intrusion.

*It’s a good idea to go out during or after a rainstorm to identify any standing water next to your homes foundation.

*Check to make sure there are no leaks or excessive water from irrigation systems.

*Try to keep Plants that need a lot of water at least 6′ from your homes foundation.

*Pipe A/C Condensation lines away from your foundation.

*Be careful not to backwash pool water close to the house, Water can migrate up to 15′ underground.

*Make sure the soil level around your home is not higher than the stucco line & that you have a positive grade away from the foundation.

*Direct roof gutter downspouts away from your house or pipe them directly into a drain pipe and run the pipe away from your house.

*And finally, be sure there is no stagnant water in low lying spots in the yard that don’t drain for long periods during rainy seasons where mosquito’s can breed.