Welcome To Custom Rain

Welcome to Custom Rain, your local experts in grading, irrigation, landscaping, sprinkler systems, drainage, lighting, retaining walls, and root barrier systems.

Custom Rain would like to install all of your underground drain pipes for your Downspouts, sub-surface drains, French drains and Directional drains to get the water away from your foundation. This will protect your home and landscaping from Erosion, Foundation problems, Mold, Algae and Fungus issues. Not to mention Termites and Mosquitoes.

"I had a drainage problem where water was staying under my house. Custom Rain came to my house and surveyed my lot and figured out what the problem was. They did the job right and no wonder they stand behind there work." - Tom Smith

"Custom Rain did a fantastic job on my French Drains. I cannot say enough about these guys, they did an amazing job, it was very timely, cost effective, and a beautiful additional to my overall landscaping." - Mike Stanley

" My driveway was pushing up because of my big trees. I did not know what could be done so I called a structural engineer who referenced me to custom rain. The job called for a root barrier system which was installed very professionally, Thanks Custom Rain!" - Richard Head

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